• Our cold store
    Our cold store
    Gdańsk Terminal Frigo is a facility that provides safety of any deep frozen goods.
    Powered by seven transshipment ramps and hi-tech equipment it guarantees smooth
    loading, discharging, reliable warehouse management and your satisfaction.
  • Welcome to Gdańsk
    Welcome to Gdańsk
    In november 2015 Poland Services Transport - Logistyka is opening head office
    and newly built cold store in Gdańsk, just one kilometer from DCT container terminal.
    You are invited to work with us!
  • Transport services
    Transport services
    Meeting demands of our customers we provide road transport inside Poland and Europe.
    We can pick up your goods, store them in our cold store and then safely transport
    to a container terminal. For us it's not a problem!
  • Looking for a job?
    Looking for a job?
    Are you a responsible and conscientious person? Wish to work with the best?
    Do not hesitate and join our team even today!

    Cargo handling Cargo handling

    Deliveries taking and simultaneous loading on trucks or into containers. Smoothly, safely and done right!

    Storing Storing

    Storing your goods in two 2000m2 surface freezing chambers. Always safely and at required temperature!

    Transport Transport

    Inland and European transport of deliveries and export goods, from and to wherever you want. Always on time!

    Forwarding Forwarding

    Booking and required documentation, customs clearances, cargo insurance. Exporting your goods from A to Z!

    Our offer

    Thanks to this bold move we hope to meet demanding market of frozen goods and provide reliable and effective services and safety of our customers' cargo.

    Additional services

    • Arranging maritime and truck transport

      Need to ship a container with your goods? Or maybe move them within Poland or EU? We'll take care of it!

      Arranging maritime and truck transport
    • Custom clearance

      We provide custom clearances in both cities, Gdynia and Gdańsk. We know the regulations like no one else!

      Custom clearance
    • Cargo insurance

      We cooperate with insurance companies so that your cargo is safe in ever step of the transportation chain.

      Cargo insurance
    • Cooperating with container terminals

      We can gladly book and ship containers with your goods with every possible shipping company calling Tricity.

      Cooperating with container terminals
    • Cooperating with inspection companies

      We provide safety of your goods by cooperating with veterinary doctors and 3rd company inspectors.

      Cooperating with inspection companies
    • Forwarding and customs documentation

      We can provide you with any necessary export documents (HC, CO, Bl, AX, etc.) so your cargo can safely reach its destination.

      Forwarding and customs documentation
      Building Gdańsk Terminal Frigo is an important step towards future of our company. Therefore we are determined to meet high demands of our customers.